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Voices from the Classroom (including educators in Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington), 2010

Reflections from the Classroom – Measures of Effective Teaching Idea Exchange (including educators in Colorado, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas), 2013

Sensible Solutions for Safer Schools: An Educators’ Vision for Positive Learning Environments (including educators in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, and Virginia), 2013

Teacher Voices for Education Reform: Making the Most of Time in School (including educators in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, and Washington), 2014

Changing the Story: Transformation toward Fair Accountability and Responsibility in Public Education (including educators in North Carolina, Nebraska, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Maryland, Florida, Mississippi, and Hawaii), 2015


Arizona Charter Teachers’ Guide to Common Core Implementation: Advice From the Classroom, 2012


Ensuring an Effective and Supportive Teacher Licensure and Renewal System in Colorado, 2013

Changing with the Times: Perspectives of Colorado Educators on Improving Time for Learning, 2014


Re-Imagining School Leadership for the 21st Century, 2012


Time, Teachers, and Tomorrow’s Schools, 2011


Public Education in a Global Economy: An Agenda for Massachusetts Public Schools, 2012


360 Degree Leadership: Evaluating Minnesota Principals, 2012

Strengthening Our Practice: A Classroom Teachers’ Approach to Evaluation, 2012

Connections for Learning: Unifying the Social and Academnic Curriculum in Minneapolis Public Schools, 2013

New Jersey

Character 2.0: The Value of Taking a School-Wide View Toward Students’ Life-long Success, 2013

New York

Opening Doors to Professional Communication and Collaboration, 2011


Artisans and Inventors of a New and Brighter World: Remaking Public Education in Pittsburgh, 2013


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