Teacher Generated Solutions on Teacher Leadership:

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Create a Three-Step Process for Choosing the Best Teacher Leader Candidates

Recruit Teacher Leaders to Model Instructional Practices

Make Teacher Leaders a Bridge between Teachers and Administration

Task Teacher Leaders with Liaising Between the School and Families

Make the Teacher Leader the Point Person on Developing Instructional Strategies for Common Core Implementation

Pair Teacher Leaders with First- and Second-Year Teachers in a Mentoring Relationship

Ensure Evaluations by the Teacher Leader Should be Supportive, Not Judgmental

Include Teacher Leaders in Planning Professional Development for the School or District

Use Teacher Leaders as a Professional Development Resource

Limit the Adverse Impact on Students When Teacher Leaders Are Performing Their Leadership Duties

Hire Qualified Building-Wide or District-Wide Substitutes

Bring Back Retired Teachers to Support Teachers and Students

Give New Teachers Additional Time with Teacher Leaders

Set district- and school wide policies that give teachers the flexibility in the classroom to use their professional expertise to ensure students are learning.

Facilitate collaboration among legislators who write education policies and classroom professionals who are experts in implementing those policies.

Negotiate contracts that give teachers autonomy in their classrooms.

Include teachers as leaders in decision-making processes with regard to all aspects of teaching, not only directly within their classroom, but also in broader contexts that ultimately affect students and classrooms.

Create sustainable models for teacher leadership.

Adopt participatory budgeting process so that school-level allocations are clear.