My “It” Moment at VIVA Teachers

By Charlene Mendoza VIVA Arizona Teachers Idea Exchange As teachers, we know that moment when “it” happens. That moment when we know the bait was taken, the interest engaged, the inquiry begun or the spark ignited. That moment when the energy begins to flow and the classroom transforms into an active, engaging learning environment. For

Huppentha and AZ Charter teacher

How to Successfully Implement Common Core

In a meeting with Arizona Superintendent John Huppenthal and State Board President Jaime Molera, VIVA Teacher Leaders offered their advice for smoothing the transition to Common Core State Standards for all schools in Arizona. Two hundred VIVA Teachers who teach in Arizona’s charter schools, where they already are implementing the new, higher Common Core State

Glimmers of Hope for Teachers

By Jesse Bacon Social Media Consultant to VIVA Karaoke night at Netroots Nation, the nation’s largest gathering of online activists. This crowd knows how to get down, sometimes drowning out the singer! Elana from Brooklyn, her bright orange hear shining like the sun, sings “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder. When she gets to “Teachers..keep on

VIVA Chicago Teachers Project Launches

The high volume “debate” over extending the school day for Chicago Public Schools students has left Chicago taxpayers, parents and many teachers wondering what we’re actually fighting about. A longer school day? A better school day? Whatever you call it, we want to know how exactly it will help Chicago’s 400,000+ public school students. There