Teacher Talk: RESPECT Project

Do teachers get enough respect? Does the teaching profession need to be “transformed” in order be respected?

In this episode of Teacher Talk, VIVA Teacher Leader Kori Milroy and Chicago Public Schools teacher Erika Wozniak discuss the U.S. Department of Education’s new RESPECT Project [click to download] , a vision for the future of the teaching profession that seeks to make teaching the most respected profession in America. Kori and Erika both teach elementary grades at public schools in Chicago.

Download the episode here or stream it below. to listen in on Kori and Erika’s conversation about the vision, and add your own voice to the mix by leaving a comment here on the VIVA website.

This is the second installment of Teacher Talk, an ongoing series of conversations between teachers talking about education policy. This full interview is now up!

VIVA Teacher Leaders Help the DOE Get Engaged

VIVA Teacher Leaders were well-represented at the US Department of Education’s launch of their “Project RESPECT”  initiative. The full article was first published on the DOE website.

Teachers and Principals Get Engaged

About 180 teachers, school principals and education advocates convened at the U.S. Department of Education’s headquarters last Friday to make connections and engage in important conversations about how educators will lead the transformation of their profession.

With representatives from their leadership organizations, educators drilled down on a number of topics and made recommendations to the Department and the White House about ED’s next steps in the RESPECT Project.

Glenn Morehouse Olson of the VIVA Project recommended that ED become more involved in raising the bar for what teachers coming into the field should know and be able to do, including adding more writing criteria and setting standards for alternative certification.

Click here to read the full story on the DOE’s website