The VIVA Project is the shared inspiration of  a journalist, a pollster, a political strategist and a community activist.

Even in the most polarized times it’s possible to help public leaders make better decisions if they had better insights about what was actually happening on the ground.

By melding tried and true activism and cutting edge technology, we invented a new way to build our government for all of us:

To bring citizens back to the government we all pay for and need.

To reconnect American citizens to each other via our common interests.

To put a stop to the polarizing the tears us apart.

A VIVA Idea Exchange, a cutting edge web-based platform to gather, focus and amplify valuable input from classrooms and turn it into actionable solutions is the result of that vision.

After successfully completing two  pilot VIVA Idea Exchange runs for US Ed Secretary Arne Duncan and then New York State Education Superintendent John King, a group of twenty nationally renowned thinkers and doers and pioneering teachers from our pilot gathered at Wingspread, The Johnson Foundation center for planning our future.  Inspired by examples like Eleanor Roosevelt, who led a group in the same place to imagine what became National Public Radio, we imagined the future where we all had a direct influence on our government and public institutions.

The result of our imagination is The VIVA Project