Reflections from the Classroom – Measures of Effective Teaching


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The VIVA MET Teachers Idea Exchange invited 2,000 teachers who participated in the Measuring Effective Teaching (MET) research project, between 2009 and 2012, to share their perspectives and experiences about their participation in this one–of-a-kind research project and its influence on their professional practices. This VIVA Idea Exchange occurred as the three-year research project was coming to a conclusion, and attention was turning to the implications for teaching practice, grantmaking and research in American public education.

Teachers from Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District, Dallas Independent School District, Denver Public Schools, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Memphis City Schools and the New York City Department of Education were invited to share their ideas in response to these questions: “We are all short of time and overloaded with too much information. What are your ideas for using your own personal and professional networks to share the knowledge/insight you’ve gained from the MET project with fellow teachers across the country? With community leaders, school officials and elected leaders in your own community? In your state?”

In response, 156 members added 74 new ideas and shared 73 comments with one another. On Feb. 14, 2013, the members of the Writing Collaborative presented their ideas to Vicki L. Phillips, Director of Education, College Ready, U.S. Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


  1. Teacher performance should have a higher weighting than students’ standardized test scores in all evaluation circumstances. Teacher evaluations have to focus on classroom activities, and we need to build the capacity necessary to use multiple measures of teachers’ work.
  2. Classroom teachers should have a regular, active and direct role in crafting the
  3. standards for effective teaching and the process for teacher evaluations.
  4. Student or parent surveys can provide useful information about classroom practice. However, surveys need to be used differently depending on grade level.
  5. Student formative feedback should be regular and informed by the data collected about their teachers’ effectiveness.
  6. Compensation and teaching performance need alignment.
  7. Develop a nationwide, searchable, digital database of K–12 Common Core Standard-focused lesson ideas, resources and models of effective teaching aligned to the core.
  8. Develop an interactive, cross-platform, social media network dedicated to educators to create a new delivery system for professional development.
  9. Increase access and use of technological hardware and software in K–12 classrooms nationwide.

Presented to: Vicki L. Phillips, Director of Education, College Ready – United States Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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