Trust Me To Teach!

I had the privilege of spending a few days in a hotel meeting room with a bunch of classroom teachers.  I felt I was a fly on the wall listening to a foreign language.  I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to see the world through the eyes of a teacher (not a fly!) The big take

Teachers Change Lives

Did you hear Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on National Public Radio this morning?  He explained how his teachers gave him more stability and confidence than his parents or grandparents.  It was a breathtaking moment and one I hope people will heed. Gov. Patrick explained that he had love from his parents & grandparents but it

And Then What?

Education reform is HOT.  And I’m not even talking about Wisconsin.  All over the country, there seems to be strong-willed leadership to change the way we do the business of public education in America.  In and of itself, this political will is over-due and promising. But we have it backwards right now.  Yes, we must