My “It” Moment at VIVA Teachers

By Charlene Mendoza VIVA Arizona Teachers Idea Exchange As teachers, we know that moment when “it” happens. That moment when we know the bait was taken, the interest engaged, the inquiry begun or the spark ignited. That moment when the energy begins to flow and the classroom transforms into an active, engaging learning environment. For

One Teacher’s Take on How to Stop the Violence

VIVA Teacher Leader Karon Stewart is a middle school math teacher in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago. Her students face significant challenges, not the least of which is surviving the violence in the neighborhoods. Stewart talks eloquently about the violence and how it affects her students and herself. It was the centerpiece of

Collaboration, Not Confrontation, Is the Way to Real Reform

This post was written by Allan Fluharty, a VIVA Teacher Leader from Chicago, as his union, the Chicago Teachers Union, prepared to take a strike authorization vote. The Chicago Public Schools district has offered a five-year contract with a 2 percent pay raise in the first year while it launches a new school calendar that includes