Remaking Public Education in Pittsburgh

A group of 10 Pittsburgh citizens, representing educators, parents and community members, collaborated online to write Artisans and Inventors of a New and Brighter World: Remaking Public Education in Pittsburgh. The 41-page report, presented to Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Linda Lane on Oct. 17, 2013, outlined five key recommendations and 25 actionable solutions for


Connections for Learning: Unifying the Social and Academic Curriculum in Minneapolis Public Schools 

In March 2013, the VIVA Minneapolis Teachers Idea Exchange invited 5,000 K–12th grade teachers and education support professionals working in Minneapolis public schools to share their perspectives and experiences about maintaining a successful learning culture while addressing behavioral and discipline issues in their classrooms. They were invited to share their ideas in response to this

Character 2.0: The Value of Taking a School-Wide View Toward Students’ Life-long Success

  Broadly, our advice comes in the form of five key recommendations: 1. Help Schools Define and Build Cultures that Develop Non-Cognitive Skills, Then Assess Those Skills 2. Establish Shared Vocabulary and Meaning that Fosters Character Development and Student Accountability from Preschool through High School and Beyond 3. Develop Students’ and Teachers’ Ability to Navigate in a

Public Education in a Global Economy: An Agenda for Massachusetts Public Schools

On June 23, 2012, members of the VIVA MTA Writing Collaborative presented their ideas to the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Teachers Association. The process continued on Aug. 5, when the teachers presented a revised version of their report, incorporating suggestions from MTA Board members. Download a copy of “Public Education in a Global

VIVA Arizona Report Cover

VIVA Arizona Project – Arizona Charter Teachers’ Guide to Common Core Implementation: Advice From the Classroom

On Wednesday, June 13, members of the VIVA Arizona Charter Teachers Idea Exchange Writing Collaborative delivered their report, Arizona Charter Teachers Guide to Common Core Implementation: Advice from the Classroom, to Arizona Superintendent John Huppenthal and State Board President Jaime Molera. Teachers are significant stakeholders in the implementation of Common Core Standards and should be