Can We Interest You in Teacher Leadership?

By Paul Toner, President of The VIVA Project Last weekend in The New York Times, Mokoto Rich wrote that “school districts have gone from handing out pink slips to scrambling to hire teachers,” thanks to an improving US economy. In an op-ed to the Times three days later, Can We Interest You in Teaching?, Frank


Instead of just “looking up,” let’s look at one another

In this tech-centric world, we often sacrifice authentic and meaningful connections. However, as Jennifer Reinhardt explains, New Voice Strategies harnesses technology to our advantage to create a global community and offer “a powerful platform from which to support, connect, promote, and learn from one another.”


New Idea Exchange on Teacher Licensure in Colorado

When the Colorado General Assembly convenes in the new year, it will be considering legislation governing educator licensure. The Colorado Education Association (CEA) strongly believes the experience and insights of educators are critical to shaping any changes to Colorado’s licensing system. For that reason, last week, CEA launched a VIVA Idea Exchange to seek member input on


A Democracy Needs Authenticity

Where is the authenticity in American government? As I indulged in my weekly obsession—Sunday morning news talk shows—I was struck by the lack of candor spewing forth. These media-trained, on-message politicians and political commentators told us next to nothing that could be considered authentic information about our country, the campaign or the future. I turned


Common Core State Standards

Our next project, the VIVA Arizona Charter School Teachers Idea Exchange, launches Monday, April 16.

Charter school teachers from across Arizona will have the chance to share their ideas about the state’s implementation of Common Core standards. Do you know any charter teachers in Arizona? Tell them about VIVA. They can log on to to share their voice. Arizona Superintendent John Huppenthal and State Board of Education President Jaime Molera are anxious to hear what the charter teachers have to say. See the VIVA Teachers flier for more information about how to get involved.

VIVA Appreciates

Glenn Morehouse Olson for writing a commentary for the Minnesota Educator in which she says she has “never felt so empowered in (her) life.”   Hers was one of two articles in the union newspaper. The other offers details of the VIVA Minnesota teachers’ recommendations for principal evaluations. ABC Newspapers for interviewing VIVA Minnesota teachers about their report: “360