Can We Interest You in Teacher Leadership?

By Paul Toner, President of The VIVA Project Last weekend in The New York Times, Mokoto Rich wrote that “school districts have gone from handing out pink slips to scrambling to hire teachers,” thanks to an improving US economy. In an op-ed to the Times three days later, Can We Interest You in Teaching?, Frank


The Potential to Lead

Teachers strive to foster leadership and initiative in their students, as they recognize the future workplace will require a different set of skills. Our students will need to collaborate, to problem solve, to compromise, to craft conversations and articulate their thinking in a manner that persuades others to follow. There are those students who naturally lead and those who willingly follow. Yet our goal is the same. Teach to lead, and lead to inspire.


Is Kindergarten Really Kindergarten?

Article after article has been written regarding the conflict in kindergarten education. Is “too much, too soon” helpful? harmful? inappropriate? beneficial? or all of the above? These questions have been popping up in educational journals, research articles, opinion pieces, and parent magazines. Why the controversy? Have you visited a kindergarten class recently? Kindergarten education has changed so much over the past ten years, you would barely recognize a kindergarten classroom as being kindergarten.


The Best Way to Keep Students and Teachers Safe

“April is the cruelest month…” When TS Eliot wrote that first line of “The Wasteland” almost 100 years ago, could he have known what significance it would have to American survivors of gun violence and domestic terrorism today? What is it about April that made the disaffected want to bomb a federal building and a marathon, or to kill classmates and teachers in Virginia and Colorado? As the earth awakens with flowers and green grass, why does violence awaken in some evil hearts?


Let’s Be Honest

Freeda Pirillis- Educators possess a moral authority that exemplifies the values we strive to teach our children, our students, and even the adults around us: the value of being honest. We teach Character Education lessons on communicating your feelings when another person has called you a name, identify mentor texts that demonstrate how children can stand up for themselves when they are being bullied by a peer, and engage our students in role playing activities to build their self-esteem.

Friday, May 8, 2015

View image | ✧ Math Teaching Alternatives Teachers are using theatre and rap to introduce math concepts to students. The results? Engaged students.  ✧ Boston Ed Boston’s upcoming superintendent, Tommy Chang, wants to improve Boston’s public schools.  “Our job is not to just create innovations, it’s to create innovators . . . among teachers, and parents,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

View image | ✧ Chicago Teachers Fire Back The Chicago Teachers Union has filed an unfair labor practice complaint claiming that the city’s school board is refusing to mediate with teachers on a new contract. This comes after the school board rejected the teachers’ pension payment revisions earlier this week. ✧ CCSS Implementation Some states still