Pia Payne-Shannon

Pia Payne-Shannon says she was raised to give back to her community.  As a child growing up in Minneapolis, Pia said it was hard to relate to the teachers who taught her.  Most came from somewhere else to teach in Minneapolis Public Schools.  Pia aims to be an example to others in her hometown, and she demonstrates her commitment to her students every day as an ELA teacher in Minneapolis Public Schools.  Pia was instrumental in writing the VIVA report, “Connections For Learning:  Unifying the Academic and Social Curriculum in Minneapolis Public Schools.”  Participating in the Minneapolis VIVA Idea Exchange TM helped Pia to realize that District leaders need to listen more to teacher experts.  “My experience with VIVA was positive.  The fact that my voice was heard and New Voice Strategies allowed me to be heard prompted future opportunities for me as a leader.”

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