Kelly Waller

Meet Kelly Waller, a 6th grade ELA and journalism teacher in Florida.  Kelly participated on the Writing Collaborative for the MET VIVA Idea ExchangeTM and was instrumental in writing the VIVA MET:  Reflections from the Classroom Measures of Effective Teaching Idea Exchange Report in 2013.

Kelly began her teaching career eleven years ago as a full-time substitute teacher in the neighborhood school down the street from where she lived.  Kelly loved it so much she was offered a full time position the following year and has been teaching there ever since.  Kelly has had lots of opportunities to lead in her school setting:  She’s now in her 11th year as an Honor Society advisor, she’s a Mentor to new teachers in the school, she oversees the production of the school yearbook and the school newspaper, and she plays a leadership role on her school’s AVID team.  Kelly’s also active in her community as a Girl Scout Troop Leader.  Kelly earned her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Development from the University of Tampa.

When asked about her experience on the VIVA MET Idea Exchange, Kelly said, “Collaborating with 9 other teachers from different locations it was eye opening, because I assumed that school districts followed the same patterns all over the country.  I was surprised at how much difference there was. Being a part of the Writing Collaborative made me feel more knowledgeable about the things that were coming up with teacher evaluations.  We were leaders in that and have already been through it.”

Kelly’s leadership at New Voice Strategies continues, as she’s helping to shape upcoming VIVA Leadership Center Programs.

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