VIVA Teacher at Education Nation 2013 Teacher Town Hall

VIVA Teacher Glenn Morehouse Olson (VIVA Minnesota I) was featured on a Town Hall panel about teacher teamwork and collaboration with NBC Anchor Brian Williams and Jeff Duncan-Andrade.

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Glenn teaches high school English, Journalism and Theater in rural St. Francis, Minn., while Jeff teaches high school English Literature in urban East Oakland, Calif. They have more than subject matter in common. During the panel discussion, both Glenn and Jeff emphasized the value of teachers learning from and sharing with each other to better serve their students.

The segment is about 30 minutes long. Just before the 20 minute mark, Glenn stresses the value and importance of teacher voice.


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Comments (3)

  1. gordon chan

    I have the feeling in my professions that teachers do not like nor want to collaborate with each other. We have been isolated in out classroom for so long that no one feels comfortable working with another teacher. We have initiated common lunch periods for informal collaboration among English teachers, but many teachers prefer to work in individual classroom to correct papers.
    This is my 50th year in the classroom and have yet to see true collaboration among us. But we have been teaching so long on an island that we are not networking.

  2. Myles

    The profession of teaching is so political, so debilitating , so narrow, so backwards due to people that do not know anything about child management and education, running (literally into the ground) the education system that there is no room for tecahers that really want to train, educate and teach children.

  3. Maxine Campbell

    I’m sure you are right about some teachers, but there are other situations in which teachers are inundated with too many duties. Informal collaboration is super, however too many duties do not allow time. Teachers are over worked and try to work smart with limited time.

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