Implementing Common Core Standards for Literacy

By Mark Anderson

A few months ago on this blog, I advised ELA teachers to be willing to fight misinterpretations of the Common Core standards and stand up for literature. That led to the Core Knowledge Blog posting a series of articles continuing my examination of the obstacles facing the effective implementation of the Common Core.

In the series, I examine three major pitfalls we face:

•    Allowing skills-based teaching to remain predominant.
•    Placing the burden of teaching literacy entirely on ELA.
•    Infantilizing teachers.

Finally, I’ve made a video summarizing some of these points and outlining what we can do to actualize the transformative intent of the Common Core.

How are the Common Core standards being implementing in your state, district, and school? What is your advice to policymakers?

Mark Anderson is a 7th and 8th grade Special Education teacher in the Bronx.

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  1. Janet

    Well done Mark. I have sent a copy to my principal because I want the entire staff to see it here at Parras Middle School, Redondo Beach.
    Thanks. Great production.

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