Teacher Talk on School Climate: Armed and Pedagogical?

By Kori Milroy

The recent Sandy Hook school massacre has brought about a nationwide focus on school safety and security.  Ideas for improving security range from an across the board ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, to placing an armed guard in every school building.  Some groups have called for teachers and/or administrators to be armed with guns or Tasers. What do teachers think about all this? [Click to download]  Are they ready and willing to be armed?  The nation’s two largest teachers’ unions released a statement opposing arming teachers, but some teachers have embraced the idea, filling up free firearms training sessions being offered in Ohio, Utah, and Texas.

On this episode of Teacher Talk, Chicago Public Schools teachers Conor Fitzsimmons and Jennifer Christiansen share their opinions on school safety and security, and the prospect of teachers carrying guns. Download the episode here or stream it below. to listen in on Kori, Conor’s, and Jennifer’s conversation about the vision, and add your own voice to the mix by leaving a comment here on the VIVA Teachers website, below this post.

This is the third installment of Teacher Talk, an ongoing series of conversations between teachers talking about education policy.

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  1. Cliff Wagner

    We talk about violence on the streets and in the schools but we don’t address the real problem. Home life where children are taught that violence is a proper first response. Why aren’t children taught proper social response at home? Parents teach what they were taught and the problem never goes away. Respect is a thing of the past getting even is now.

  2. Cliff Wagner

    Basketball and violence go hand in hand in Chicago. Street coaches,wannabe coaches, security guards, non educators. This is what CPS evolved into when Paul Vallas and Mayor Daley reformed the HS JR/SR PE curriculum. Hundreds of Physical educators and coaches left CPS. Now that the PE waiver is ending there will be a void because there will be so many positions left unfilled because there are fewer PE majors graduating.

  3. Cliff Wagner

    CPS says that there are hundreds of unfilled seats in the schools.
    Please take a look at some of the recent purchases of buildings from the Archdiocese. Hancock HS the old Lourdes is a waste of 30 million dollars in renovations. It is shameful when CPS allows students to attend classes in a building that is a Health hazard to those who work in and attend classes. The old convent does not meet code but will be used this year. The auditorium cannot be heated adequately. The gym is undersized, falling apart and inadequate for competition. How can we expect our children to learn? CPS’s Motto “Children First”, really. The charter schools like UNO should have such wonderful facilities to show case. I am sure Bill Gates would be proud to send children to these poorly maintained facilities.

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