VIVA Appreciates

Allan Fluharty for participating in the pilot program which led Chicago Public Schools to unblock YouTube.

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel for meeting with Chicago VIVA teachers on March 10th.

Glenn Morehouse Olson for her blog: “This VIVA Teacher No Longer a Skeptic.”

MN Teacher Leaders for their hard work on the newest policy report: “360 Degree Leadership: Evaluating Minnesota Principals.”

Governor Mark Dayton for meeting with and listening to the Minnesota teacher-leaders’ recommendations for principal evaluations. Read the full story on the VIVA website.

Chicago Teacher Leaders for presenting their recommendations at the event held by National Louis and for sharing their experiences on video.

Kori Milroy, David Quanz, and Brian Graves for going on WBEZ to talk about their recommendations for the full school day.

Kori Milroy and David Quanz for working with CPS on the report for principals on how to implement recess into the full school day.

National Louis University for hosting an event for the teachers to present their recommendations and for creating videos of the teachers talking about their experiences.

Jean-Claude Brizard and Chicago Public Schools for continuing to involve teachers in new policy discussions. Watch the video.

Mark Anderson for his Op-Ed in the Albany Union Times: “Next time, listen to the teachers”about how the NY Teacher Evaluation controversy could have been avoided if policy makers had listened to VIVA New York teachers.

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