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A daily briefing that helps teachers and administrators stay on top of the latest news in education practice and policy.




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Because of the emphasis on stakeholder feedback, both of my principals have done staff surveys for feedback on their performance. I also gained skills in online collaboration and had real-life writing examples to use with students. — Beth Hillerns, Teacher, Minnesota: 360 Degrees of Leadership Principal Evaluation

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Learning to Listen to Teachers: Accountability and Responsibility in Public Education

By Lynn Otaguro View image |   Have you ever been in a room full of people when an idea starts to grow like an avalanche, moving in one direction, with everyone being pulled along? But you’re the one who has to take responsibility for the decisions made in the room, so you ask […]


Breaking Through the Barriers Between Disciplines

A Job for 21st-Century Teacher Leaders By Kellyanne Mahoney and Catherine O’Flaherty View image |   Our students have never lived in a world without Google. And through the increasing prevalence of technology, they possess unprecedented access to knowledge and exposure to divergent opinions. At the same time, they live in a world in […]


Teachers: Stand Firm on AP US History In Oklahoma

View image | by Nancy Kunsman What do Ralph Waldo Emerson and Oklahoma Representative Dan Fisher (R) have in common? Absolutely nothing, except that they were both on my mind last week. The first time I heard anything about AP US History’s near-death in Oklahoma was when the state’s education committee was preparing to […]

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VIVA Teacher Speaks Out on Chicago Teachers Union’s Common Core Vote

Freeda Pirillis, a first grade teacher in Chicago Public Schools, was a member of the very first VIVA Idea Exchange, Voices from the Classroom. For the last three years, she has been working with the Chicago Teachers Union to develop Common Core curricula. As she describes in this story on Chicago Public Radio, she was […]

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VIVA Teacher Lesley Hagelgans to Speak at Teaching and Learning Conference with US Secretary of Education

Lesley Hagelgans, a VIVA Teacher and member of the VIVA National Task Force Idea Exchange, will speak about teacher leadership alongside US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on a panel this Friday at the Teaching and Learning 2015 Conference in Washington, D.C. Secretary Duncan announced the Teach to Lead initiative at last year’s conference, and […]

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