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New Voice Strategies created the VIVA Idea Exchange™ to dramatically increase the participation of classroom teachers in important policy decisions about public education by opening direct communication between individual teachers and public officials. The VIVA Idea Exchange™ is an online platform that gives public officials authentic, first hand insight into how public classrooms and schools work best to positively impact both student achievement and the teaching profession.

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It was nice to talk to other teachers about problem solving. We are in the trenches. We know what we need. It was nice to not have to explain everything we do before we get to what we needed changed. — Anonymous, Teacher, ISEA: Re-imagining School Leadership

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VIVA Teacher Leaders in Chicago Call for ISAT Boycott

Social Studies teacher Adam Heenan sets the record straight on the campaign to opt out of ISAT tests in Chicago.

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Autonomous Teamwork and the Common Core

In the second of a series, Minnesota teacher Wade Sutton shares how his trip to Education Nation last fall has changed his opinions of Common Core.


The Next Generation of Cheating: Improving Academic Integrity in the Age of the Common Core

Katie Morosky writes that we need well-designed Common Core curriculum and truly authentic assessment to ensure test scores “reflect what was learned and not how much someone can cheat.”

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Reimagining School: Why Creativity & Innovation Matter Symposium

This year’s two-part Reimagining School symposium series brings together nationally recognized visionaries to discuss the ways in which schools can and must foster the creativity and innovation essential to our students’ global competence in a changing world.

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International Falls Journal: Uncovering Common Core

After meeting some of the architects of Common Core, Wade Sutton has a new appreciation for the standards.

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